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Wildland Fire Management Resources

If you’re looking for information you can use to develop a local wildfire awareness or prevention campaign, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, you’ll find publications, factsheets, brochures, flyers, posters and a host of other information about wildland fire prevention and mitigation that you can localize or use “right out of the box."

And if you or someone you know developed a product that might be useful to others, please contact our webmaster. Our goal is to make this site as comprehensive as possible, and our success depends on networking with partners like you!

Brochures and Flyers

Don’t have time to create a flyer from scratch for campers, hunters or off-roaders? Now you don’t have to. On this page, you’ll find a collection of flyers created by fire prevention teams and other creative professionals. Many of these flyers just need to be localized and they’re ready to run. If you’ve created flyers of your own that you’re willing to share with your colleagues around the Rocky Mountain Area, please send them to our webmaster so others can benefit from your know-how.


Wildland fires make headline news every year in the Rocky Mountain Area, and that means children of all ages will be asking teachers, parents, and each other why these fires happen. Some will even want to know what they can do to prevent them. Smokey Bear and other experts have shared their knowledge with us and now we want to share it with you, so we’ve posted Smokey’s teacher guide and other information here to help you answer all those “why" questions.

Do you know of other teachers’ guides related to wildfire that should be posted on this site? If you do, please send them to us so others can be prepared, too.

Online Education

Online education is the latest and most convenient way to learn. Interactive computer kiosks offer information in community settings and websites bring the classroom to you.


Posters are like 20-second sound bites on paper. Communicating important messages with only a few words and a photograph or graphic art is a challenge. And when you most need a poster is usually when you have the least amount of time to create one. We encourage you to borrow ideas liberally from these posters, as these messages have already been field-tested.


Wildfires are raging and you’ve been asked to give a presentation tomorrow at a local community meeting. Your topic is the role of fire and you don’t have a presentation prepared. Fear not! This site has several PowerPoint presentations that you can localize as needed, and we’re constantly on the prowl for more. So visit us often, because we might have just what you’re looking for. Have you created a presentation that might help others in a pinch? If you have, please send it to us so we can all benefit from your expertise.

Publications & Factsheets

While it may not be rocket science, finding an effective way to communicate with the public and media about wildland fire can be challenging. But help is just a click away. Look here to find information on how to get—and keep—your audience’s attention. There’s also a guide for educators, helpful hints on working with the media, and fact sheets on everything from Creating Wildfire Defensible Zones to Vegetative Recovery After a Wildfire.

Properties for Sale by JT Maloney

A large part of local, state, and national economy is dealing with real estate and property boundaries. Even the most natural of habitats still need to set property lines. JT Maloney is an expert at properties, being the ultimate sales person of new construction homes and apartment properties in all of Pennsylvania. His company focuses specifically in Lehigh Valley, Center Valley, and Coopersburg, PA.

Talking Points and Communications Plans

A large wildfire is threatening your community, and local, state, and, national media are calling you and everyone else in your office for information. Even the most seasoned media relations professional can benefit from prepared talking points, so we’ve included a few here to help you out. We’ll update and add others as we hear about them. If you have developed talking  points of your own that can benefit your Rocky Mountain Area colleagues, please send them to our webmaster. You might just hear a collective sigh of relief from all your Rocky Mountain Area colleagues who discovered that your talking points were exactly what they needed to help answer questions from a probing reporter.

Weekly Fire Prevention Tips

Created by Dean Burnham, Fire Prevention Officer at Bridger-Teton National Forest. You'll find useful weekly tips for wildland fire-related newsletters, bulletin boards, or websites.