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Ever wonder what a Bambi bucket is or what energy release component (ERC) means? Whether you're a seasoned reporter who has been covering wildfires for decades or a newbie who is just learning the ropes, you know that the wildland firefighting community has a language all its own. That's why we put a glossary of wildland fire terms on this website. And that's just the tip of the flame. You'll also find PSAs on a variety of topics including fire prevention and preparation, home and ranch safety, and prescribed fire. The best part is that you can localize them so they're relevant to your geographic area.

We'll be adding news releases and more PSAs from a variety of sources as we continue to populate the site, so visit us often. In the meantime, if there's anything specific you'd like us to add to the site, contact our webmaster. Our goal is to make this website a comprehensive resource for print and broadcast media in the Rocky Mountain Area, as well as those who are in the fire prevention, mitigation, and suppression business. And in order to keep everyone safe, we want to be sure that we're all speaking the same language. Did you say "slurry?"

News Releases

10-19-09 - Fort Collins, Colo. - Grant Funds Available for Community Forest Restoration and Watershed Protection Projects. All grant applications are due by 4 p.m., Dec. 2, and awards will be announced in January 2010.

08-31-09 - Fort Collins, Colo. - Colorado State Forest Service Receives $10.7 Million in Stimulus Funds to solicit proposals that will create and retain forestry-related jobs in Colorado.

05-08-09 - Denver, Colo. - Gov. Ritter Stresses Vigilance and Responsibility During this Year's Wildfire Season - Ample spring moisture may have dampened fire risk along the Front Range and Eastern Plains, but lower-elevation areas of northwest Colorado will likely see an elevated risk of large wildfires this summer, Gov. Bill Ritter said at his annual wildfire briefing today.

03-18-09 - Pueblo, Colo. - Fire Prevention Team Comes to Colorado to Help Communities Prepare for Fire Season - The team will work with the Colorado State Forest Service, counties and local fire departments to heighten public awareness of fire danger.

01-16-09 - US Forest Service and Colorado State Forest Service Release Results of the Annual Forest Health Aerial Survey that reveal three insect and disease conditions of concern on forested lands.

09-23-08 - Fort Collins, Colo. - Mountain Pine Beetles Make Their Way to the Front Range - In recent weeks, ornamental pines, especially Scotch pines, have shown indications of mountain pine beetle attack in Fort Collins, Boulder, Greeley, Loveland, Berthoud and Windsor.

09-22-08 - Fort Collins, Colo. - Yellow, Dying Needles on Evergreen Trees May be a Sign of the Changing Seasons - The arrival of mountain pine beetle on the northern Front Range has generated anxiety about the health of area pine trees. It also has increased the number of calls the Colorado State Forest Service is receiving from concerned citizens about their trees. The symptom they often describe is yellow, dying needles.

07-02-08 - Fort Collins, Colo. - Fire Prevention Urged This Holiday Weekend - Local fire management agencies ask everyone to help prevent wildfires while enjoying the Fourth of July weekend.

06-16-08 - Check Firewood for Mountain Pine Beetles - Mountain pine beetles are getting ready to emerge and fly, which means Colorado residents should check their remaining firewood stock now to ensure they aren't aiding the infestation of urban or neighboring trees.

05-28-08 - Gov. Ritter Gives Colorado New Tools in Fight to Keep Forests Healthy - Today the governor signed into law a package of bills that gives the state new and stronger tools in the fight to keep Colorado's forests healthy against the mountain pine beetle, wildfires and other threats.

05-09-08 - Gov. Ritter Provides Annual Outlook for Fire Season - A warm, windy summer could mean more wildfires for Colorado. During his briefing, the governor outlined the state's firefighting resources and asked Coloradans to exercise responsibility to help prevent wildfires.

05-07-08 - Washington, DC - Salazar Backed Bill to Restore Forests and Ecosystems Passes Senate Energy Committee. The legislation would fund large-scale national forest restoration projects. The Forest Landscape Restoration Act of 2008 will now move to the full Senate for consideration.

03-28-08 - Gov. Ritter's Forest Health Council Held its First Meeting Thursday, with council members focusing on short term opportunities related to state and federal legislation as well as the long-term need for a comprehensive vision for Colorado's future forests.

02-12-08 - Gov. Ritter Creates the Forest Health Council, a multi-agency action group that will coordinate and lead efforts to address the mountain pine beetle epidemic and other threats to Colorado's 22 million acres of forestland. (pdf 41 K)

01-14-08 - US Forest Service and Colorado State Forest Service Announce Results of the 2007 Forest Health Survey. The annual aerial survey results reveal that bark beetle infestation affected about half a million new acres last year and is on the rise. (pdf 45 K)

09-18-07 - Mountain Pine Beetles are Hitching a Ride on Firewood and Infesting Scotch Pines in some Colorado Front Range communities including Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Greeley. (doc 40 KB)

08-21-07 - Colorado State Forest Service Awards $1 Million in Grant Funds for community forest restoration and water protection projects. (doc 50 KB)

08-15-07 - Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman Visits Soldier Creek Complex of Fires just after signing a proclamation declaring a state of emergency in response to several wildfires in the Nebraska Panhandle. (doc 84 KB)

7-31-07 - South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds Gets Tough on Arsonists with his announcement of a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone setting a fire in the Black Hills of South Dakota. (doc 30 KB)

06-29-07 - Fire Management Agencies in Larimer County, Colorado, ask the Public to Help Prevent Wildfires & Use Safety Measures as People Enjoy the July 4th Holiday. (pdf 52 KB)

06-26-07 - With Fire Danger on the Rise and July 4th Upon Us, federal, state and county officials urge people to use caution when recreating or working outdoors with any combustible material. Leave fireworks at home and observe fire safety measures. Fire restrictions are going into effect in some Colorado counties and on public lands as fire danger levels reach very high to extreme. (pdf 63 KB)

06-26-07 - $1 Million in Grant Funding is Now Available for Colorado Community Forest Restoration and Water Protection Projects. The Colorado State Forest Service is requesting proposals for the new Colorado Community Forest Restoration (CFR) program. (pdf 27 KB)

06-22-07 - Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Proclaims June 24 - 30, 2007, Lightning Safety and Wildfire Awareness Week, noting that the key to undertanding the dangers of lightning and wildfire is through education and awareness. The Colorado Division of Emergency Management is teaming with the National Weather Service, Colorado State Forest Service, and the Division of Fire Safety to help inform Coloradoans. (pdf 33 KB)

06-20-07 - Fire Restrictions in Western Colorado Serve as a Reminder that while many locations throughout the Rocky Mountain area have received record moisture this spring, others are experiencing drought conditions and high fire danger. (pdf 50 KB)

06-20-07 - Create Defensible Space to Help Protect Lives, Homes and Communities from Wildfires. The Colorado State Forest Service developed defensible space guidelines to help homeowners living in wildland-urban interfaces protect their properties from wildfires. (pdf 63 KB)

06-20-07 - Select and Maintain Vegetation to Help Make Property FireWise. Selecting landscape vegetation that is fire-resistive and easy to maintain may also visually enhance your property and certainly will help make it less vulnerable to wildfire. (pdf 59 KB)

05-08-07 - Can Estes Park Avoid a Tree Catastrophe? The Estes Park Tree Board sponsored this public forum about identification and control of mountain pine beetles. In addition to presentations, land-management agency representatives were available to discuss tree problems and forest issues. (pdf 27 KB)

09-05-06 - Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth Joined Officials from the Departments of Interior and Agriculture in Denver to roll-out the Bush administration's latest legislative proposal for improving treatment of hazardous fuels, bark beetles and other forest health concerns. (pdf 26 KB)

Twilla Smith beside the display of Smokey Bear memorabilia.

08-15-06 - Twilla Smith, whose late husband Dr. Ed Smith treated Smokey Bear’s burn injuries in 1950, recently donated their Smokey Bear memorabilia to the PSICC Supervisor’s Office in Pueblo, Colorado, where it is on display at the front desk. Full story. (pdf 20 KB)

News Release Templates

News release templates are ready to use! You can easily customize and use these templates in newsletters or send to your local media outlets. Topics include FireWise access, construction design, defensible space, landscaping, interior safety, and emergency water supplies.

Choose Construction Materials that Make Your Home FireWise. (doc 42 KB)

Create Defensible Space to Help Protect Lives, Homes and Communities from Wildfires. (doc 42 KB)

Emergency Access During Wildfires Helps Save Lives and Property. (doc 37 KB)

Home and Ranch Fire Safety Tips. (doc 507 KB)

Make Sure Your Emergency Water Supply Delivers During a Wildfire. (doc 39 KB)

Prevent and Prepare. (doc 1.3 MB)

Prescribed Fire is the Tool. (doc 29 KB) Nine PSAs for different ecosystems from the Pike-San Isabel National Forest and Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands.

Select and Maintain Vegetation to Help Make Property FireWise. (doc 40 KB)

Take Steps Now to Increase Interior Safety during a Wildfire. (doc 45 KB)

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

06-20-07 To News and PSA Directors: Your assistance in getting this Public Service Announcement (pdf 95 KB) on the air will help the Colorado State Forest Service and their partners better inform the public about wildland fire prevention and the many effective efforts that can be made when communities, agencies and others work together against fire danger. The Rocky Mountain Wildland Fire Information website provides a wealth of materials regarding wildfire prevention and forest health promotion.

06-20-07 To News and PSA Directors: Please visit the National Wildland Fire Coordination Group's website to access 27 Public Service Announcements available in audio and PDF formats. Topics include: Wildland Fire Safety and Prevention, Fire Ecology, Fire History, Wildland Fire Management and Wildland-Urban Interface. Your assistance in getting these PSAs on the air is greatly appreciated.

Reference Tools for the Media

Wildfire Glossary. (pdf 42 KB) A glossary of common wildfire-related terms.

Colorado Fire Bans & Restrictions from the Colorado Division of Emergency Management website.

Wyoming Fire Restrictions from the BLM Wyoming website.

National Interagency Fire Center Summer wildland fire outlook through August 2007.
(link to pdf on NIFC website).