Working Side-by-Side from the Great Plains to the Great Divide

Advisory Board Members

Lynn Barclay, Bureau of Land Management

John Bear, Bear Wildfire Consulting

Marti Campbell, Coalition for the Upper South Platte

Linda Hecker,
US Forest Service

Beth Hermanson, South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression Division

John Lunbeck, Story, Wyoming Volunteer Fire Department

Patti Maguire, Summit Fire Authority

Sue Pinkham, Rocky Mountain National Park

Lynn Pisano-Pedigo, Department of Homeland Security

GayLene Rossiter, Colorado State Forest Service

Katherine Timm, Colorado State Forest Service

About Us

This website was developed by Colorado State Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and our partners to provide a "one-stop" fire education source for wildland fire communicators. We are dedicated to providing a widely accessible source of information that promotes the improvement of wildland and watershed health and sustainability in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain area. We include, among wildfire communicators, all those involved in educating and informing the public about wildfire among whom are:

Wildland fire educators and prevention public affairs officers
Public information officers
Wildland fire management professionals
Community activists
Homeowner groups
The media

The wildland fire communications group came together early in the 2002 wildfire season to facilitate interagency collaboration in fire information, prevention and communication efforts during the developing fire emergency and to engage the public in prevention efforts. The need to provide support to wildland fire communicators -- both information about fires and best methods for teaching and communicating with the public -- quickly became apparent. The initial website, then housed with the Bureau of Land Management, was redeveloped by the Colorado State Forest Service with the help of the partners to become this site.

Download a brochure about this website. (pdf format 310 K)